Samsung to Launch Folding Screen Phone Next Year

It seems that Samsung is finally moving towards the manufacture of a phone with a foldable screen and has decided to launch it soon. The company has recently shared its plans for the production of parts associated with foldable screen phones with relevant parts manufacturers, reported by THE BELL. The report says that the Samsung to launch folding screen phone next year.

It has been also reported that the parts will form the foundation of the phone. Samsung has not finalized the device’s design yet. According to a reliable source Samsung is still developing both infolding and outfolding versions of the device. The final design might be completed by the end of June. Samsung will start manufacturing parts for the phone in November.

Samsung to Launch Folding Screen Phone in 2019

Previous rumors also suggested that the device will come with 7.3-inch screen. The ordered parts number is much smaller than Samsung’s typical flagship devices. The Bell reported that the typical flagship devices are believed to have quarterly parts forecasts of around 10 million, but orders for foldable device is between 500,000 and 2,000,000. The ordered part numbers shows that it will be a pilot project.

Some rumors have also said that Huawei is going to launch its foldable device in November, if let’s suppose this rumor comes true then no doubt Huawei will give tough time to Samsung. We are expecting that Samsung will certainly launch its foldable device next year.

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