Samsung’s Blu-ray Players Aren’t Working Properly Throughout the Globe

The tech-giant Samsung’s Blu-ray player users around the globe are complaining that the devices have suddenly stopped working without any apparent problem. Where few complain that the Blu-ray players are stuck in an infinite boot loop when being turned on, others are stating that the player is making buzzing noises. It is similar to the sound of Blu-ray players when it attempts to read a disk despite having no disc inserted in the device.

Samsung’s Blu-ray Players Aren’t Working Properly Throughout the Globe

Few users have even complained that the players have stopped working entirely and are not responding to any button commands. The latter is indicative of a hardware defect. However, since the problems being faced by Samsung devices are not limited to any specific Blu-ray player model, there is a possibility that this might be an outcome of an underlying software issue.

At this point, Samsung staff itself has no clue what the problem is mainly because the company does not generally launch a firmware update that is the same across various different models and lineups.

In an official statement, Samsung has proclaimed that investigation concerning the issue has been started. According to ZDnet, the problem might be related to an expired SSL certificate, which indicates that the Blu-ray players are not able to connect to Samsung’s servers. However, the company is not sure yet. Samsung will confirm the causes behind these issues as soon as possible. So, stay tuned for more updates regarding the Blu-ray players.

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