SAPM Finalizes a Draft that Offers Digital Banking Facilities to Overseas Pakistanis

The PTI government’s mandate outlines many opportunities for the overseas Pakistanis, as their investments can boost the economic activity in Pakistan. Recently, the Special Assistant to Prime Minister for overseas Pakistanis Zulfi Bukhari finalized a draft that offers digital banking facilities to overseas Pakistanis.

SAPM Finalizes a Draft that Offers Digital Banking Facilities to Overseas Pakistanis

The SAPM told that his team had constructed a plan for an upcoming project entitled ‘The Roshan Digital Account.’ He said that the initiative is intended to assist the overseas Pakistanis to invest wholeheartedly in Pakistan.

Under this new initiative, the indigenous Pakistanis living in foreign countries would be allowed to open local and foreign currency accounts without personally visiting the country. However, they will have to render necessary information and some required documents to the State Bank of Pakistan through the online portal.

The SAPM had shared a registration link on his Twitter account while elaborating on the functionality of the initiative through the given platform. In addition to that, the returning Pakistanis would be able to apply for re-employment abroad, certified training, and register for financial assistance from the government of Pakistan.

According to Bukhari, consultation with private local banks and State Bank of Punjab is made regarding the current initiative. If everything goes according to the plan, then the project is going to be launched soon. The overseas Pakistanis have been waiting for a long time for this project, and it will inevitably open avenues of investment in Pakistan.

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