SnapChat to Launch Multiple Features

It seems that Snapchat has realized people are losing interest in the app. That’s why this social photo sharing app is now testing some new features in order to grab the attention of people across the globe. soon you will see a bunch of features like a timer, camera grid, and portrait mode in this app.

According to Wong’s tweet that SnapChat is testing Portrait photos and Snapchat’s redesign camera UI to keep these functions on the right-hand side.

SnapChat to Launch Multiple Features

Other than that Snapchat is also testing “Batch Capture” that will allow you to take and post multiple stories in one sequence. For that, you have to click on one photo and then press the “+” button to add another. This will be an amazing feature. You will be able to post multiple photos to a story or a group.

Snapchat is also testing another feature known as ‘Charms’ to define your friendship with any your dear ones.

Let’s see when the company is going to launch these new features. We hope that with the launch of these new features this app will seek the attention of the people. And might be users again develop their interest in this social photo sharing app.

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