SnapChat will Soon Share Ad Revenue with Creators

SnapChat keeps on launching new features on and off but this time there is a good news for creators. Snapchat will be sharing ad Revenue with creators. This program was announced on June 21 as part of Snap’s keynote at VidCon.

The main announcement made by Snapchat was Snapchat’s Untitled Patrick Starrr Project, produced by Starrr with E!.

Snapchat experiments with sharing ad revenue with creators

Snapchat’s Lauren Gallo said onstage that the company is also experimenting with revenue sharing. She also shared her focus for creator community are growth, discoverability, analytics and monetization. However, Snapchat didnot shared any more details regarding it.

While telling about revenue sharing, Gallo said:

“What we’re doing is we’re listening”

The update follows Snap’s first Creators Summit, an event this is certainly two-day 13 Snapchat designers came across with execs including CEO Evan Spiegel to go over how the business can better support them. The relocate to ad-revenue sharing matches Snapchat’s recent move away from licensing charges with publishers in support of a model this is certainly ad-revenue-share.

A spokesperson from Snap reported that, Snapchat’s programming team is approaching creators about participating in the program.

Mike Metzler, a man who was making content on Snapchat since 2015  was one of the 13 lucky Snapchat creators who attended the Creators Summit. He said that:

“I can say emphatically that creators would love seeing ad revenue split. The unfortunate truth is that brand deals have been few and far between for Snapchatters of my size compared to, say, 2016, when they were coming in once a week. “I’m at a point where if I am not able to monetize my content, I have to put my effort elsewhere.”

Other social media giants already share revenue with creators. YouTube has very long offered a split this is certainly ad-revenue little and large designers and contains uplifted its homegrown creators. At VidCon panel, Mill was asked why Snapchat delayed sharing revenue with creators when other companies were already doing. While answering this question Mill pointed to the company’s age.

“It’s easy to forget what a new and young company we are. “We’re kind of just getting started here.”

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