Tariq App Allows You To Keep Track of Your Companions During Hajj

Tariq App aims to allow users to keep track of their loved ones during Hajj.

Tariq App aims to allow users to keep track of their loved ones during Hajj. Every year millions of Muslims take part in performing pilgrimage in the Holy Month of Dhu-Al-Hijjah. In doing so they travel to Makkah and then later to Madina. With over two million people performing Hajj annually large crowds are unavoidable some people might get lost or lose track of their loved ones.

Tariq App; To keep track of your companions during Hajj

The Tariq App was launched in order to avoid such mishaps and troubles. The app uses real-time location sharing technology to help locate your companions. Once users have installed the app they can enable this feature for an unlimited amount of time.

The app features a 3D walking grid display to allow users to easily walk towards their companions going one step at a time and keeping in mind the importance of user’s privacy the app ensures that your location is only shared with people you trust. Thus it helps protect users from being attacked by any dangerous third parties.

App has several helpful features

Moreover, the app does not need to be running on your phone the whole time. In fact it is quite easy to locate your companions even when the app is running only in the background of their smartphones. The app also allows you to navigate your way back to a saved location such as your hotel room without needing any Wi-Fi or Mobile Data.

The app can be downloaded on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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