These Mid Range Huawei Devices will Come with 20W Super Charger

A few months back, Huawei has introduced Super Charge  2.0 Technology that gives a full day charge in just 20 minutes. For lazy people like me, it was a very good news as I would only be sparing 20 mins for charging my device. Another powerful 40W  adapter which can easily charge 4,200mAh battery from 0 to 70% in just 30 minutes. However, these adapters are quite expensive, even the production cost is very high. This is the reason that only flagship Mate 20 pro has come with this fast charging adapter.

Now Mid Range Huawei Devices will also get charged in 20 Minutes

So keeping this in view and in order to cut the price, Huawei has decided to cut the price by introducing a new charger tough less powerful, for mid range devices. The new charger will have a new charging protocol that will provide half the power of  SuperCharge 2.0 standard. It means that now 10V/2A standard will be applied which will offer 20W. Previously the devices used to get charge at 10V/4A while producing 40W of power.

This new charger for mid range Huawei devices will be announced in 2019. Maybe this new adapter will come with the upcoming Huawei P30 and P30 Pro by March or April.

Huawei is developing a new 20W SuperCharger for its mid-range devices

With this supercharger, extra safety protocols were taken to ensure 100% user safety. The supercharge can identify the load capacity of a charger and cable and intelligently outputs the most efficient voltage to a smartphone’s battery according to real-time battery requirements.

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