TikTok is Testing Native Video Ads

TikTok is working on a new ad product. It will be a sponsored video ad that directs users to the advertiser’s website. It was spotted in the U.S. that TikTok app is testing a video labeled “Sponsored” from the bike retailer Specialized that is visible in the main feed. Moreover, a blue “Lean More” button that directs users to tap to get more information is also showing up.

This blue button will send users to the advertiser’s website or any other web address. However, it only opened the Specialized Bikes for a time being in the profile page within the TikTok app.

TikTok is Testing Native Video Ads

A “Specialized Bikes Page” was visible below the @specializedbikes username with a blue checkmark. Checkmarks like this on other social platforms usually indicate a user whose account has gone through a verification process.

Generally, TikTok profiles of users look different as it only includes the username. However, we have observed the profiles that sport other labels like “popular creator” or “Official Account” but these have been tagged with a yellowish-orange checkmark, not a blue one. A pop-up banner appeared at the bottom of the profile page of users but pop-up banner didn’t show up all the time.

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