TikTok Will Introduce New Feature to Remove Videos Automatically that Breach Policy

TikTok stated that it will introduce a completely automated feature to Remove Videos that violate its Community Standards on its platform.

Currently, videos uploaded on the platform are used to identify any possible violation through a technology tool, which is then evaluated by a security team member. If the team found any violation in the uploaded video then the team delete the video and the user is being informed, TikTok stated.

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Tiktok Will Introduce New Feature to Remove Videos Automatically that breach Policy

The ByteDance owned company TikTok said that some contents violate minor safety policies, adult nudities and sex, violent and graphic material, and illegal activities that would be immediately deleted automatically after the feature introduces within the next few weeks. The firm claimed that the focus of its safety team will be on extremely contextual and complex areas, such as harassment, misinformation, and abusive behavior.

TikTok has also mentioned that a first violation warning would be sent to the account holder. However, after warning if the account holder again breaches the community rules, the account can be permanently deleted if there are continuous violations. These changes are being made as social media networks such as Facebook and TikTok, which have increased hate speech and disinformation on their platforms worldwide.

TikTok has stated that their automated system is extremely accurate, it has claimed that just one in 20 of the videos was mistakenly deleted by the company. These improvements will be rolled out in the United States and Canada first, then the feature will be eventually spread to other countries including Pakistan. Moreover, the company added that the automated method would make content moderation more efficient.

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