TikTok’s New Feature for Job Seekers

Nowadays social media has substituted most of the physical world; from grocery shopping to finalizing big deals are facilitated via the different social media apps. TikTok with all its entertaining now has started a new feature that facilitates in matching job seekers with suitable jobs. The company TikTok’s new feature for job seekers is designed to let candidates “creatively and authentically showcase their skillsets and experiences.” The popular social video app, TikTok has said that with its new TikTok Resume Feature it is expanding into a “channel for recruitment and job discovery”

TikTok has a new resume feature for job seekers 1

The Resumes feature in the TikTok app  can be found via the #TikTokResumes hashtag, and also at www.tiktokresumes.com. On the website, the job seekers before submitting their Resume should search through different listings, find examples of strong TikTok video resumes, view the clips from TikTok creators who post career-related content, alter and edit their Resume accordingly and submit their own videos for job postings.

Currently, only US openings are available on the platform. Rumors of this TikTok Video Resume started surfacing in May. Entry level to experienced role jobs are offered on TikTok Resumes, and positions are available all across the country.

In Pakistan TikTok is one of the most used and downloaded app and mostly misused. The fame of TikTok is dimmed and tainted with all sort of inappropriate videos and the misuse, in Pakistan. This new feature of TikTok Resume whenever gets launched in Pakistan can partner with different companies and might help in regaining its fame and also curb its notoriety.

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