Twitter Confirms that it’s Employees Are Not Reading User’s DMs

James O’Keefe, a conservative activist and filmmaker alleged Twitter, that the social network has hundreds of employees who read everything users post online. Twitter Confirms that it’s Employees Are Not Reading User’s DMs.

However Twitter said that these claims are not correct and O’Keefe is portraying wrong image of Twitter.

Twitter Confirms that it’s Employees Are Not Reading User’s DMs

The undercover video shows that the Clay Haynes, Twitter engineer told Project Veritas activist that hundreds of company’s employees have access to Twitter users private data. There is a team dedicated to it. The team is consist of at least three or four hundred people.

However Twitter disagree with these claims and said:

“We do not proactively review DMs. Period. A limited number of employees have access to such information, for legitimate work purposes, and we enforce strict access protocols for those employees.”

But Twitter did not clearly mentioned about the number of employees that who have such access to protect sensitive user data. A former senior Twitter employee said that the claims in Project Veritas video were technically accurate to a degree, but exaggerated for effect. He said that the group of engineers are able to view such sensitive data is very small and that it is only permitted access to it in response to a report. That is like only in that case if any Twitter user do any complain.

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  1. I tend to believe admissions against interest over corporate face-saving after the fact, because I’m not stupid.

    1. If Veritas is correct, either more will come out, or Twitter will ‘fix’ it. I think Veritas needs to be better about amping its verification and also coming up with more compelling explanations for why what they are revealing is important. The anti-Veritas folks are having a too-easy time of disregarding Veritas. From what I’ve read about this particular Veritas effort, it isn’t REALLY clear (in the face of alternate analysis) that anything about twitter was ‘bad’. The twitter-defenders have made some really good points about Veritas mistakes or possibly complete falsehoods. That’s too bad, considering how much effort it looks like Veritas put in to doing this story. Just once I’d like to see Veritas come back with a “oh, never mind”

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