Twitter is Working on In-App Account Verification System

The social media giant Twitter’s account verification system has been a part of controversy for a number of times after various white supremacists were incorrectly verified through the original system. This is the reason due to which twitter shut down its verification program in 2017, but the latest reports imply that it is about to return after an overhaul.

Twitter is Working on In-App Account Verification System

Jane Manchun Wong, a reverse engineer who explores new social media features before they’re officially released, has just noticed that Twitter is working on a renovated verification system. With the help of the new system, individuals on Twitter will be able to ask for verification directly from the app. The requirements and guidelines for the verification of account will also be documented publicly.

Twitter has validated Wong’s discovery and has, in fact, commented on the upcoming update and what they’re operating on as well.

“This time around, Twitter will also publicly document what qualifies a Twitter user to be verified. The hope is that with more clarity and transparency around the process, people will understand why the company makes the choices it does. Twitter in the past had internal guidelines around verification, but this will be the first time Twitter has ever publicly and specifically documented those rules”.

This option will be available in the “Account Settings” page in the application under “personal information”. It is not yet accessible as it was only discovered in a future update. That being stated, there is no definite official timetable for when this update will go public.

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