Twitter now Supports Third Party Apps for Two Step Authentication

Twitter had introduced Two Factor Login Authentication for a long time. However Twitter’s Two Factor login had many flaws and it used the less secure SMS based verification method. Twitter now Supports Third Party Apps for Two Step Authentication. Two Step Authentication also known as two factor authentication is introduced by many social media giants to secure their users accounts.

Twitter is introducing a new update that will allow users to deploy third party authentication apps to receive a two factor login authentication for their twitter accounts.

Twitter now Supports Third Party Apps for Two Step Authentication

The third party support means that one can use tools like Due Mobile and Google Authenticator for verification of login instead of SMS. For this users just need to get up one time verification when you log in from your desktop, Twitter app or QR code.

While announcing the news,Twitter said:

We’re rolling out an update to login verification. You’ll now be able to use a third party app for two-factor authentication instead of SMS text messages

The improved Two Factor Authentication is more safe and secure as compared to SMS. SMS based two factor is prone to be hacked if attacker take over your mobile accounts.

For more information regarding improved two factor Authentication, visit official Twitter’s help section.

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