Twitter Plans to Hide Abusive Tweets, Block Repeat Offenders

Twitter has decided to ban abusive tweets by making them very less effective. The tweets having such abusive content will be hided and the company is also working to stop the blocked users to create new accounts again. Twitter Plans to Hide Abusive Tweets, Block Repeat Offenders.

The social firm was facing criticism from last few years that they are doing nothing to stop abusive posts and social harassment. Other platforms like Facebook on the other hands were working to combat hoax and harassment.

Twitter Plans to Hide Abusive Tweets, Block Repeat Offenders

A social platform like twitter where people keep on using their fake names, encourages internet trolls thrive. This environment also encourages open discussions which leads to abusive languages.

Now abusers will have to face certain hurdles to be heard as they their tweets will be hidden in search results and replies. This will definitely decrease their motivation level to do so. Similarly by preventing different accounts previously blocked from reappearing with different names, Twitter will decrease the number of fake accounts.

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Several Prominent People Banned From Twitter

Twitter failure to limit harassment was the main complaint on users part. Twitter appointed new CEO, Jack Dorsey in 2015. His basic priority was to safeguard the safety of user hence decided to work upon it.

Twitter banned many prominent controversial personalities. Milo Yiannopoulos, a British writer form website Breitbart News is excluded from twitter. He was harassing a ghost busters actress Leslie Jones.

Twitter is the most famous social platform for politics. Now it is trying to make its product more pleasant to use after several quarters of stagnant user growth. Lets hope that now we will be able to face less abusive tweets.

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