Twitter Spaces will lets users with atleast 600 Followers host a chat

Good News! Twitter spaces are now open for users having 600 followers. The Spaces, an audio voice chat feature lets users have a chat with other Twitter users. The audience of these hosted voice chats can either listen or become a part of the conversation.

These spaces appear at the top of the feed in a purple bubble. If a user has to create a Space, he needs to tap on the Tweet button and select the Spaces icon. If you don’t see the icon, the Spaces feature may not be available to you just yet.

Twitter Spaces is inspired by Clubhouse which got much Popularity during the Pandemic

While telling about this feature, the company said:

“You’ve always followed people for their Tweets, now Spaces lets you hear their voices and talk about what’s happening now and what’s most important to you – live. From Tweeting to talking, reading to listening, Spaces encourages and unlocks real, open conversations on Twitter with the authenticity and nuance, depth and power only the human voice can bring.”

Apart from it, the company has also announced more features that are about to be launched for Spaces. The first one is “Ticketed spaces” which let the host of audio calls monetize their spaces for a monetary fee. In the coming months, Twitter will test this feature on a limited no. of groups however, if it gets successful, this feature will be rolled out to everyone.

Furthermore, users will be able to set reminders and schedule time slots for their upcoming spaces. The company is also working on co-hosted Spaces, better live captioning, and better access to Spaces through a profile icon in the Twitter feed that will soon be launched for Spaces.

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