Twitter Working on Clipping Feature for Twitter Spaces

With the recent technology upgrades and new trends the smartphone or any handheld device has become more than its “intended for” product. It has become the a way of communicating and expressing oneself better than before. A recent upgrade in Twitter was the “Twitter Space”, which  is an audio chat room where people can get in conversations with one another, create and host podcasts. In the beginning, it did not have a recording feature i.e. to enable the recorder to record his/her session, Twitter is working on clipping feature for Twitter Spaces.

The app reverse engineer Allesandro Paluzzi has found a new feature on Twitter called “Clip Space”, allowing the user to record clips during a Twitter Space session. With the new feature the user will be able to save or share the favorite and memorable moments during the sessions. It will also help in promoting other content makers content.

Other upgrade that Twitter is also working on is the archiving of these Spaces as these clips will be of no great use without knowing the context of the clip. This is why fans have no way of listening to a session if they missed it unless someone used a third-party tool to record the session and share it.

With these upgrades the Twitter platform will become even more interactive and invite more content makers to use the platform.

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