UberBoat Launches a Speed Boat Service in Croatia

While Croatia is an Eastern European country with a long coastline on the Adriatic Sea and encompassing more than a 1000 islands, Uber has come up with special plans for it. As the country has less roads and more islands, hence Uber has introduced UberBoat for Croatians and also to facilitate the vast number of tourists who visits this country. UberBoat Launches a Speed Boat Service in Croatia.

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UberBoat Launches a Speed Boat Service in Croatia

Let’s watch a video shared by CNBC on UberBaot:

Details about UberBoat:

  • UberBoat connects tourists and Croatian citizens to almost 1200 islands
  • The boats can be booked via Uber App
  • UberBoats comes in 2 sizes: One of small size for 5 people and the other for 12 people while both had different fairs

I can simply wish if we also have many islands in Pakistan too but for now let’s ride on the Uber on road trips.

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