Waqar Zaka to Create his Own Political Party, Tehreek E Tech

Making your own political party is in fashion today. Just to keep going with the flood, Waqar Zaka, a VJ and TV host has decided to make its own political party named, Tehreek E tech. He thinks that he can solve the problems of Pakistan with this political party aiming for the betterment of Pakistan. He wants to make advancement in the IT sector of the government of Pakistan and reveals this is the only way that will contribute towards the development of the country.

Tehreek E Tech- A new Political Party focusing on IT sector of Pakistan Coming Soon

Waqar Zaka will soon lay down the foundation of his political party keeping in view technological developments in the government departments. By incorporating this, he wishes to end corruption and to overall elevate the standard of the infrastructure by introducing blockchain in the process which will mitigate the corruption at a higher rate.

He also wants to make the schooling system of Pakistan flaws free and he thinks that the current mindset is killing the entrepreneurial mindset in kids. It should be mentioned here that Waqar Zaka is not just a VJ but also an entrepreneur as he launched Pakistan’s First Crypto-Currency ‘TenUp’.

Moreover, he is also teaching social media marketing at NED University. Right now he is focusing on the new political party for the welfare of Pakistan.

Moreover, it should be mentioned here that IT is not the only problem Pakistan has, there are many other problems that are much important and need to be addressed first. So, Pakistan needs a party that can make it flourish as a whole and not just in one sector.

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