WeChat Reaches 1 Billion Accounts Worldwide

WeChat Reaches 1 Billion Accounts Worldwide

Chinese Social Media Platform, WeChat is extensively used globally for chatting with friends, to booking a travel or for making payments. With its growing use, it has hit 1 billion users account throughout world.

Few months back, WeChat had 800 million monthly active users(MAUs), which were increased by 34 percent as compared to same period preceding year.

WeChat Achieved Milestones-Hits 1 Billion User Accounts

The ever increasing number of users/ accounts shows that this WhatsApp rival, WeChat is getting prominent worldwide with passing days. However Users can register for more than one account and may open an account for work and one for private use, for instance.

This news was revealed by Pony Ma, chief executive of Tencent, that the app had reached 1 billion user accounts worldwide in February. The Financial Times report from the National People’s Congress in Beijing, to which Ma is acting as one of the 5,000 delegates.

A spokesperson for Tencent later clarified that Ma had in mind “user accounts” when he said “users”. Market research firm eMarketer estimates that WeChat has in fact 494.3 million individual users in China as of 2017. Tencent, also China’s most valuable listed company, reported in September that WeChat user accounts had grown 15.8% annually.

WeChat has 902 million daily users, and about 38 billion messages are sent every day on the platform. No doubt, it was expected as WeChat keep on getting better and better to fight other social media platform. It came as relief for chines as their strict rules doesn’t allow them to use other bigger platforms such as Facebook etc.

The ever increasing monthly users and accounts shows that this app is loved globally.

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