WhatsApp to Change Time Limit of Delete for everyone Feature

WhatsApp is one of the best platforms that we use these days for communicating with each other. While the app made us closer to our loved ones, sometimes it also resulted in embarrassment. How? We sent wrong messages to anyone who was not supposed to know about it. For instance one of my friends sent a ‘Love You’ message to his class teacher instead of father since the name of both was starting from the letter ‘B’. To save users from such embarrassment, WhatsApp had come with the Delete for Everyone feature, which landed as a blessing in disguise for everyone and saved us all from facing any kind of embarrassment. However, one thing about which people were not happy was the Time Limit of the Delete for Everyone feature.

The only issue with this feature was the time limits since the app permits you to delete the message from personal chat and group within 1 hour, 8 minutes, and 16 seconds to be precise. After this, users can’t delete the wrong messages sent to anyone. This feature only works if the recipient has not seen the message before deletion, otherwise it’s of no use. WhatsApp has recently submitted an Android beta version which has brought improvement to this feature. Revealed by WABeta Info, this most wanted change will be the part of App update.

WhatsApp to Change Time Limit of Delete for Everyone Feature

The new update also reveals that this time limit mentioned above is increased to an undefined period of time.

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What does an undefined Time Limit mean?

While the undefined time is not specified, WABeta Info has shared a screenshot that shows that they can now delete messages as old as three months old. With this, we can easily assume that in the future the time limit to delete messages would be indefinite which means we will not have to think about when the message was sent before deleting them.

“The new version of “delete message for everyone” allows deleting a message sent 3 months ago: this is because WhatsApp is planning to change the time limit in a future update”

When this Feature will Launch for Everyone?

According to the report from the famous leakster who looks into the matters of WhatsApp, this feature is still underdeveloped and is not ready to be launched right now. Currently, it is introduced with the new beta version with a reason to track if people like it or not and also to check for any bugs associated with this.

Initially Delete for Everyone feature made its way to users in 2017, and the time frame at that time was just 7minutes which was later on increased to 1 hour and a few minutes.

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