Fawad Ch Considers WhatsApp’s decision to Delay New Terms of Services As a Positive Step

Federal Minister for Science Fawad Chaudhry considered WhatsApp’s decision to delay new terms of service till May as a positive change after global outcry over concerns on data-sharing with Facebook. There is a lot of confusion regarding WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. WhatsApp has previously stated that users need to accept its new terms of service and those who do not accept, will not be able to use it from February 8. Now, WhatsApp has Extended Deadline to Accept New Terms Of Service to May 15 which the ministry appreciated.

Fawad Ch Considers WhatsApp’s decision to Delay New Terms of Services as a Positive Step

The science minister said on Twitter.

“Companies like Facebook affect too many people and it’s important that in critical decision making involve a wider section of consumers and data protection must be ensured at all times,”

WhatsApp users who are in a dilemma can wait until May to accept the new terms and conditions. The Facebook-owned messaging platform, WhatsApp, took to Twitter to announce this. As per the company, it will use this time to clear all the confusion and misinformation that exists right now. They will give clarity on how privacy and security terms will work.

WhatsApp said in a tweet that the company will give people the time to review the policy gradually until May 15, 2021. So, there is no need to panic about the new terms immediately as there is enough time to decide.

Let’s see whether the delay will bring the users’ trust back to WhatsApp or not. It is worth mentioning here that soon after the condition imposed by the WhatsApp, people start switching to other alternatives especially on Telegram. Similarly, to help the confused users in Pakistan, the government has decided to develop its own messaging app. The app will be called Smart Office. It will work like WhatsApp and will be ready to use by June this year.

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