Xiaomi’s Record Breaking 40W Wireless Fast Charger Charges battery in 40 Mins

It been a long time that Xiaomi is testing wireless charging solutions. Wireless charging is trending these days and all the tech giants are trying to incorporate them in their devices. Yesterday, Company’s VP Chang Cheng presented 40W wireless fast charger on Weibo. A video was attached with the post, showcasing the demo of the new wireless charger, testing its capability on Mi 10 Pro having 4,000 mAh battery.

In the video, we could easily see battery charging from 0% to 100% in just 40 minutes. It means it has a  charging speed of 150%/hour. The post mentioned that this wireless charger can get the battery to 57% in just 20 minutes. This wireless charger will come with vertical air cooler which will keep its thermals in check.

Xiaomi’s 40W Wireless Fast Charger to Compete with Oppo’s 30W Wireless Charger

The post has not specified anything related to the price and launch date of the charger. However we expect to see this technology in the future Mi series or flagship Redmi devices.

The company said that this charger will use 40W of elasticity. It is 50% more powerful than the iPhone charger. This new demo from Xiaomi has broken all the record in the tech market. However it would be surprising to know that the company has broken its own record as the record of 30W was also established by Xiaomi.

It is clearly evident that Xiaomi as a company is on the top when it comes to technological interventions. Anyway, when Xiaomi will be done with 40W wireless charger, this product will be ready to compete with Oppo’s 30W wireless fast charging technology.

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