YouTube Music Arrives on Android TV

There is good news for music lovers. Spotted by AndroidPolice, YouTube Music has finally arrived at Android TV. However, Google is not able to integrate YouTube Music on AndroidTV in full power but somehow has found a way to let users take full advantage of the app’s feature. So before you get over-excited, I need to tell you that there are some of the glitches which make this integration look like a temporary solution.

The app will be shown as a new music tab in the already running YouTube App, which means it will work in the background. From this tab, users can access a handful of features of YouTube Music, the ‘music you like’, ‘music for you’, and a couple of others.

YouTube Music arrives on Android TV

It is something to be happy upon, but there is a list of features that is not available in this new addition.YouTube music on Android TV even misses the most basic functions like shuffle and repeat. Moreover, users cannot even manage their playlist or upload new music. The list of missing features is too big, and it literally ruins your mood. Other missing features also include full library access and synchronized lyrics. No doubt, this integration misses significant features; however, let’s be optimistic and think it as the company’s first step to normality.

If you are not able to find the Music tab in the YouTube app, let’s not forget that this is a server-side change, and it might not be available to everyone.YouTube Music is quite slow in launching new features as compared to other apps like WhatsApp and Facebook. The last feature it had launched three months back was the addition of new explore tab that helps users discover more tracks in the easiest way. Click on the link below to know more about this new addition.

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