An Active Minister’s Inactive Ministry: The outdated Website of MoST was last updated year ago

It is the era of technological interventions. No doubt, everything is enlighted with the technological invasions going around us. The importance of technology can be measured on a daily basis, as we can’t even think of taking a step without the most used technological contrivance: a mobile device. Dubai is planning to become a technology power by 2020, and Pakistan is also trying to lead the race and has emerged as the power by launching many projects which can be seen. In such a scenario, we are sure that our ministries are working at a fast pace and they are also contributing to the development of this sector which was lagging behind previously. However, when it comes to website of MoST, only one word is enough for them i.e.; RIP (Rest in Peace).

Website of MoST needs to be Updated

If someone wants to invest in Pakistan and he wants to see the technological interventions going on in the country the first thing he would do is nothing else but to open the website of Ministry of Science and technology expecting to see the latest ongoing projects in the country. But out of utter disappointment, he will not be able to see any latest projects as the website is not updated after 28, 8, 2018.


Ok fine, I understand the people looking for ongoing projects will be like a drop in oceans but probably people would love to see the events and workshop that can polish their technical skills. But out of absolute frustration, that section of the website is not updated after 22, March 2018. Does it mean that there are no ongoing events or there is no one to update the website? As far as I know, the Government hires people for each and every position and the candidate has to pass the NTS test accompanied by various interviews. So, where is the website developer?.


When it comes to policy section, the situation is even worse as it is not updated after the year 2012.


Thank God the introductory section showing the federal minister’s name is updated.

Website of MoST

Not only this, the situation of the Facebook page of the ministry is even worse. With only 2,875 followers the last post on their page was shared in September 2018. It seems like MoST need to hire a new social media specialist who can at least share the ongoing technology projects on the Page.


Well, it leaves a very bad impression on people who are looking to invest in Pakistan. These websites serve as a major gateway to Pakistan development. On contemporary, look at the website of ministries of other countries which are updated on a daily basis.

No Doubt, Information Technology in Pakistan is growing and rising, but at the same time, our official government website should showcase it. IT and telecommunication sectors in Pakistan have developed impressively and we know it. The dynamically developing ICT sector holds significant importance globally as one of the key sectors in terms of powering economies and driving efficiencies.

Pakistan government is continuously endeavouring for the development of information technology. Pakistan needs to run towards development through information technology, not just in terms of projects but also in terms of their website and social media pages.

Why is this so important? The website says a lot about your ministry, its members and ongoing projects. Besides that, it also acts as the first impression of you. Moreover, social media acts as an effective and valuable outreach tool for your ministry.

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