Animoji for Android -10 Best Apps Like Animoji

If you can’t flirt with people with a winky face or invite someone to dinner by showing them burgers emoticons or explaining how bad your day was, what fun would text messages be? Definitely, that would be boring, that’s why we need faces,  characters, images, stickers to express our feelings over text messages. So, we use emojis to create fun in our conversation and to describe emotions precisely what we feel. Emoticons have been evolved into various types such as Emoji, Bitmoji, Animoji, and Memoji.

One type of emoticons called Animoji, which is known as animated emoji, is mainly developed for the iPhone X by Apple. It is a perfect way to convey your feelings over various social media platforms with friends, families, and others. Animojis are like emojis controlled by a facial movement that you can also send with voice messages to your friends. Animoji gives phone users hours of entertainment and fun. It became one of the most exciting features for many users since it was first launched in 2017. As it was only available to iPhone X users, many iOS and Android users weren’t able to use this feature on their devices. Now, a lot of animoji applications are available for users of iOS and Android devices.

What is Animoji?

Animoji is an animated 3D emoji that reflects your exact voice and facial expressions. The phone front camera can be used with different animoji apps to create the animoji on your device.

Animoji can be created with the phone’s facial ID system that enables the screen to record the user’s facial expressions and gestures. The animojis recognize and copy the movements of the face, such as pouting or, rolling eyeball, etc.

It is a customized or personalized animated emoji. A variety of expressions are used for Animojis, and they mimic to match the audio. Alien, bear, cat, cow, chicken, dragon, fox, and many more are included in the existing Animoji set. Animojis can be shared through various message apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

How to use Animoji on Android?

Do you have an Android phone and watch your iPhone user friends send customized animation of their faces? So, you must want to try this feature with your android phone.

Animoji is known as animated emoji, first time developed for the iPhone to send different types of face avatar in various head types, eyes, hairstyles, etc. Now, every smartphone user loves to use emojis in their conversation. We can use animojis in a message to express our feelings to anyone with the android device as well.

If you have one of Samsung’s newest Android versions, like a Samsung Galaxy S9 or newer, you can use animoji with a built-in feature with the latest smartphones. After Apple’s launch of Animoji, Samsung responded by providing this feature in their device as “AR Emoji” to hold their users. Moreover, Animoji can also be used by other Android users via similar third-party applications. You can search for “Animoji” on Google Play Store.

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10 Best Apps Similar like Animoji Try on Your Android Phone

Now anyone can easily use the animoji feature with animoji apps on their android or iOS devices. For Android users, we list the top 10 best Animoji apps to use. You can simply pick any of them and use the animated emoji feature on your device. You can also use your face with the apps listed in this article to make a new animoji.

1. Bitmoji

“Bitmoji” is one of the most popular Animoji Android apps. It is the oldest application in this category, and it is developed by Snapchat.  As such, it shares many users on both platforms. This software allows you to create your own versions of yourself as an avatar and then make multiple emojis, animated stickers, talking emoji for android with this app.

Animoji for Android

The Gboard or Google Keyboard is also compatible with this app, which is a major benefit.  You would need to connect either your Google Account or your Snapchat account to start using this app. The Bitmoji app is the best Animoji app for Android with over one hundred million downloads on the Google Play store. This app gives easy app compatibility and flexibility. With Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and similar messaging software, you can use this app.

After signing in, the app will ask you to choose your gender and make your avatar automatically by taking a selfie from the front camera. Further, you can follow the on-screen directions clearly to get your emoji faces on the video and tap the recording button. You can also change characteristics like your face, hair, eyes, skin tone, dress, and many more.

Download Bitmoji to see more!

2. Facemoji Animoji for Android

With a wider range of moving emojis and thousands of generic emojis, Facemoji is one of the most common custom keyboard applications for Android and iOS. The software has five sections: Emojis, Stickers, customization of keyboards, themes, and settings.


It has thousands of keyboard themes and provides many cool features, including the ability to customize your own images, change the template, and can add emoticons or more. After you finish the customization, the app guides the user to share what they have made with friends and family! A large number of emojis you can use with this app, but the layout and user interface have some limitations.

Download Facemoji, to see more about this app!

3. EMOJI Face Recorder

EMOJI Face Recorder is a really cool app that enables you to make animate emoji that create 3D animated emoji by using your camera. You can also record voice with animoji then save and share on any chat app you like!

This is the best animoji app for android users if you want a platform that helps you to capture your face with various animal expressions. This app might not be as popular, but it will provide you great animoji like experience. This will help you to capture your face and feelings with this application using different 3D animal face models.

EMOJI Face Recorder

You may be a Crocodile, a Bunny, a sweet mole, a wise owl, and even an Opossum, etc. If you like, you can also change the backdrop to customize it and cut it. You can also record and share your videos with every social media with your voice. It has several different categories of more than 3000 emoji, stickers, objects, and GIFs options. It has also a customizable keyboard with the features of next-word suggestions, dealing with 150 languages free of charge!

But there is a little drawback to this app. You might experience any performance glitches or gaps if you have a mid-range smartphone that operates with a poor processor. And this would certainly change the overall experience of the user. However, once you launch the app, you will be warned about this.

Go to the Play Store and download EMOJI Face Recorder!

4. 3D Avatar Creator – Bemoji

Animoji for Android

Bemoji is a fantastic app for creating animated emojis & GIFs on Android and iOS devices. It is a famous animoji application that allows you to create your own emojis and GIFs. It has an excellent library of emojis and gifs that can be used to create your friend’s animoji. Bemoji makes not only a customized, unique cartoon, but also unique face emojis. You can also chat with friends, Facebook messengers, and all other messaging applications using all of the Avatar emoji and animated stickers in the Bemoji emoji keyboard.

The app offers various features in both free and paid versions. You will get unlimited avatars, exclusive emojis themes, accessories, and much more as a paid version. Bemoji has more than 5000 animojis. Bemoji creates your own characters with several choices. Share your 3D Avatar with your friends and more like Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok.

Download Bemoji, to see more about this app!

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5. Chudo

Animoji for Android

Chudo is the best animoji app for android, you can make personalized moving animated emoji in 3D using a front camera on your device and upload them to any platform like Facebook, WhatsApp, or Messenger. One of its particular advantages is that you can share your creations and encourage other people to use the app too!

Animoji avatar just looks like you and reflects the craziest ideas about your appearance. In Chudo, you can be anyone, a digital person, a unicorn, a rabbit, or even a man of gingerbread. By using your camera, you can choose to create your avatar and customize all its characteristics. You can pick several objects in the app, including unicorns, birds, and cookies.

If you’re interested in this app, Download it here!

6. Face Cam

Face Cam is the best animoji app that helps you to create live selfies, avatars, and face swaps on your android device. It’s a great app for creating emojis as your own image for Android users with awesome digital characters. You can make complete 3D avatars easily with the FaceSwap option in real-time. In addition, you can also create hilarious cartoon characters of friends, family, and others by using this app. You can also record and share videos on social media with this app.

Animoji for Android

Face Cam doesn’t scan your face to create emojis. This will create an avatar using the various categories from scratch. You can pick your hair color, eye shape, and similar features. Then the app will works as a camera once created. You can see a large emoji version on camera instead of seeing your real face. It moves with your face and eyebrows, eyes and mouth too.

To get the perfect look, you can add color filters to the camera. The app also allows you to select photos from the gallery and add your emoji face to them. The free edition has limited options for customization and puts a small watermark on photos. You can save the photos to your phone or send them straight into other messaging apps.

Download FaceCam, to see more about this app!

7. Mirror – Animoji for Android

You will enjoy using this app if you love sending stickers on your WhatsApp or in other Messaging applications. Upload a photo in this application and it will create your own avatar! You can even upload an image along with your friends and let the app create each one of you avatar! Sound cool.


You can also make gifs and stickers, as well as customize your avatar. With the text, you can customize the stickers too like Mashallah, congrats, Good Morning, etc. This app has plenty of sticker templates.

A mirror is a fun Emoji application that allows you to make funny Animoji and Emoji. It is a fantastic app for Android and iOS users created by Mirror AI, which allows you to chat and send fun quickly. You will also use it to create and share new emojis with your friends as emojis apps.

If you’re interested in this app, Download it here!

8. MojiPop

The MojiPop application is another animoji android app that detects your face from your phone camera and creates an avatar like you and then saves it into your Animoji Android library. It is somewhat similar to Bitmoji, with a free and paid option that unlocks more emojis and characteristics.

Animoji for Android

MojiPop is a hand-drawn-style animation app that transforms the face into a hand-drawn cartoon. If you asked yourself, how would you look to dance with a kitten or in a popular painting sitting on the top of a planet, maybe MojiPop would make it happen?

The stickers are vibrant and animated, focusing on themes such as friends travel, romance, and Halloween seasonal events. Some content is locked behind a subscription fee, but free content is more than sufficient to play with.  Up to 3 different avatars can be created.

MojiPop is fitted with a personalized keyboard, which allows the stickers to be used in other applications. Instead, you can actually save the emoji in your gallery or share it directly in other apps like WhatsApp and Facebook.

To use the app, download from here!

9. Aivatar – Animoji for Android


Android users have another great animoji app “Aivatar”, which enables you to create personalized 3D avatar gif stickers on your device. It is free to make new animated stickers with unlimited features. You can also dress up and make a fashion statement in the hottest style with this app. Moreover, also can use font style apps to add your own animated text and show your emotions through hundreds of animated illustrations.

You can even add your emotions and smileys to the photo on the camera. You can share stickers across all messaging platforms: WhatsApp Messenger app, or Facebook, Snapchat, Telegram, and other apps.

Download Aivatar, to see more about this app!

10. Supermoji


If you really want the Animoji app on your Android phone, I will suggest this animoji for android. The “Supermoji” app is an Android app that tries to copy apple animoji features for android. The near similarity and functionality with the original Animoji app made this app on the list.

You can make a 3D emoji mimic or anything that you want to create by using your face.  Express yourself with new Supermojis every week! There are live emoji face filters and masks, more than emoji animation.

Download Supermoji, to see more about this app!

Is Animoji available for Android?

All Android devices do not have the Animoji feature. Basically, this is an advanced feature available only for iMessage in iPhone X or above. When the “Animoji” function was introduced by Apple, a lot of users and fans talked about it. Because of animoji demand, Android faced intense competition with Apple as this feature also attracts android users. So, if you’re looking for ways to access Animoji for android, here are a couple of things you need to know.

The Animoji feature is not compatible with the majority of Android devices and does not work on all Android devices. However, the good news is that you can get apps with an animoji-like feature. Many emoji applications are available for Android. where you can create and send animoji on android devices using these applications. There are several Alternative apps with similar features to create animoji for android. Fortunately, most of the apps can be downloaded free of charge.

You have to download and run applications that have the same or similar features to create Animoji on Android. Try these Animoji applications we have listed here to use the animoji feature.

How to Create Animoji for Android?

Animojis demand for Android smartphones has increased sharply. As a result, developers launched several Android apps with almost the same features as Apple’s Animojis have. Although the original Animoji feature cannot be accessed on all android devices, its alternative options are no less in terms of features and characteristics.

Here are the guidelines for creating animoji with one of these applications on your android device. We have selected “Mirror” one of the best animoji apps for android.

Follow these few steps on the “Mirror” App:

  1. Download and install the Mirror from the Google Play store on your Android smartphone for free.


  1. Launch the Mirror app from the Google play store and give all the permissions it needs.

Mirror - 1

2. At the start, you can see the camera, take your selfie and the app will give two options to choose your style.

Mirror -2

3. Create your avatar with hair, glasses, eyes, makeup, and many more.

Mirror - 3

4. The app will create the number of animojis of your avatar. Select one animoji to share,Mirror - 4

5. You will see all social media apps at bottom of the page. If you want to change the animoji expression before sending it to anyone you can, below the sticker you will see the camera option, select and give expressions and get new animoji with the new expression.

Mirror - 5

6. Select the application, and share the animoji with others, also you can save the animoji in your phone gallery.

Animoji for Android

Hopefully, you will find this method useful to create an emoji of yourself. You should share it with all your friends to enjoy this feature!

Please keep in mind that these Android alternatives apps use the front camera on your smartphone rather than the dedicated hardware available in iPhones. So, might be you feel some difference using these apps.

Wrap Up:

Modern communication is all about emojis and expressions. Nowadays, emojis and animoji are key features of all our digital interactions. For this reason, many of us today use emojis, and animoji in digital interactions to express feelings. These are present everywhere from popular social media platforms to smartphone keywords!  If you’ve got the animoji feature craze and want to animate yourself, have a look at our apps list and pick one of the 10 best animoji mentioned above. For the best results of animoji apps face tracking feature, make sure to use it in a clear background.

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