Apple Adds Nastaliq for Urdu in iOS 11

Earlier this month, Apple announced iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and a $1000 iPhone X. Also, the iOS 11 operating system is also being launched along with the new hardware to support many advanced new features. The OS 11 will include Nastaliq font that is popular with Urdu publishers in Pakistan. Apple Adds Nastaliq for Urdu in iOS 11.

Apple Adds Nastaliq for Urdu in iOS 11

The comparason of the Nastaliq and previously used font script Naksh is depicted in the image below:


Apple did include nastaliq font in iOS 9 Beta 1 after a persistent campaign by Mudassir Azeemi. Unfortunately, it was later dropped in the released version of iOS X. But Mudassir continued his efforts which appear to have positive outcome with iOS 11 being released this month. Apple will now drop naskh and support only nastaliq in native mode for rendering Arabic, Persian and Urdu languages.

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Nastaliq is one of the most widely used fonts of Urdu script in Pakistan and is regarded as one of the most complex fonts in the literature of electronic computing.

This initiative to drop naskh and include nastaliq as the default font for Urdu, Arabic and Persian is likely to have a major impact on all operating systems and social media gaints. It’s welcome news for Urdu lovers like Ali Eteraz and Mudassir Azeemi who have been deeply unhappy with what they describe as “the death of the Urdu script”.

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