Call of Duty: Warzone vehicles removed to fix the glitch

Infinity Unit, Call of Duty: Warzone has released an update that removes all vehicles from the game’s massive map after finding a game-breaking bug. 

Call of Duty: Warzone players have briefly lost access to vehicles as the Infinity Ward creator is trying to repair a bug that ruin games. According to Video Games Chronicle, the bug is caused by moving a car into a particular outbound segment on the Warzone map, citing numerous sources. When completed, both players are booted out of the match and returned to the lobby. 

Infinity Ward posted the news on its Twitter page following this, revealing that: “A playlist upgrade is now rolling out to all channels! This update eliminates all vehicles from Warzone immediately. The assumption that the bug is the explanation behind the withdrawal is not stated in the tweet, but from the timing of the release, it seems this is in order to fix the latest vehicle-related hiccup. 

The developers had to take the game’s helicopters off the map in May of this year as they could fly players under the map to an out-of-bound area and let them cause unnecessary havoc. Another bug left players respawning infinitely in the endgame, leading to an infinite duality between undefeatable soldiers.

The new and most egregious glitch on the chart helps drivers to navigate out one boundary field to another. Instead of giving them a new viewpoint on the action, though, it triggered a glitch that would crash servers, returning a whole player room to the main menu. Not only is this very difficult to treat, it is not also especially helpful to those who take advantage of it.

Nayab Khan

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