Conserve power responsibly with EcoStar!

The latest EcoStar G-Smart Series is able to run on power as low as 150V! Thus giving an incredible reduction in your monthly electricity bill.

In order to have great sales for a product, it is essential for the company to create really convincing advertisements for its future customers. EcoStar has done so recently by creating a series of DVC (Digital Video Content) that relate to people’s everyday lives for their new Inverter AC, the G Smart Series.

EcoStar G-Smart Series

In one of their recent advertisements, EcoStar has pointed out the importance of power consumption when the Air conditioner is running. Two friends are sitting in an office when one of them claims that its really difficult to work when you’re tired, imposing that it’s difficult to run on low power. Contradicting to this, the EcoStar G Smart Series is able to work successfully at a power level as low as 150V! Using low voltage, there is ultimately a decrease in your electricity bill as well.

Save up on your electricity bill

EcoStar products are very reliable as there have been great amounts of customer satisfaction. Installing an air conditioner by EcoStar is bound to give you up to 60% savings in your electricity bill. At times of such inflation in the country, installing an air conditioner by EcoStar that helps you save so much on your bill is definitely the wise choice.

Maintain the temperature – more control over your AC

Not only savings in your bill, the G Smart Series by EcoStar also gives you control over your air conditioner. It gives you the perfect temperature maintenance system so that you may keep your room at a temperature that is comfortable to you.

Low electricity consumption

These days, when purchasing an air conditioner the greatest concern is about how much power it will use. Power usage relates directly to the electricity bill that you will get at the end of the month. Considering how the G Smart Series by EcoStar runs on only 150V, there is a drastic decrease in your bill. Thus, customers would definitely be relieved after saving up so much.

EcoStar has recently been doing an amazing job as people are quite satisfied with their products. With increased sales, their motto seems to be coming true because now definitely “Ab chalayga EcoStar”!

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