EatOye Launches in Karachi

EatOye Launches in Karachi

A web-based food delivery and restaurant reservation service

The company aims to become the most trusted home in Pakistan for online food ordering or table reservations. Uncompromosing quality and customer service are EatOye’s primary focus. It has more than 700 restaurents on board and it offers a wide varaity of discounts.

[blockquote cite=””] It is fast, safe and the most convenient way to gratify hunger pangs without any extra cost
[/blockquote] The service also caters to users who are not online with its call-in service with its established call centre. Currently it is offering the services in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad, and having some 20,000 reviews of 700 eateries in these cities, the site is set to increase its outreach.

In the long run, it also aims on establishing some quality control on the restaurants in terms of service delivery. “Our goal is to add 2,000 restaurants in 15 major cities of Pakistan this year,” said Mr. Umer from EayOye.

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