Facebook is Collecting Call History & SMS Data from Android Devices

Recently we have come to know that Facebook is Collecting Call History & SMS Data  of Users. Now we have come to know that it is only extracting data from android users and not however iOS users are safe. Many Twitter users have uploaded months or years of call history data in their downloadable Facebook data file.

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Cambridge Analytica Privacy Scandal has alarmed many Facebook users who have downloaded all the data that Facebook stores and have witnessed more alarming results.

Android Devices on Stake as Facebook is Collecting Call History & SMS Data

Ars Technica reports revealed that Facebook has been requesting access to contacts, SMS data, and call history on Android devices for improving its friends recommendation algorithm and distinguish between business contacts and your true personal friendships.

Facebook is gathering this data from its Messenger application, which often prompts Android users to take over as the default SMS client. This is very bad news as Facebook is Collecting Call History & SMS Data.

The social media giant has also introduced “Text anyone in your phone” feature that continuously upload info about your contacts like phone numbers and nicknames and your call and text history. This is more and more alarming for Facebook users.

Facebook has responded to this  but company has said that it is normal for apps to access your phone call history when you upload contacts to social apps. However iPhone users are still safe as Facebook hasn’t been able collect personal data on iPhones due to Apple’s privacy control.

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