Facebook is Merging Instagram and Messenger Chats in Some Parts of Globe

We all know that Facebook had officially announced the merging of its popular messaging app: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. According to the company, it wanted to make users’ experience better and saving them from switching on and off between all these apps, instead, staying on one app and getting experience of all. Now Facebook is Merging Instagram and Messenger Chats in Some Parts of Globe.

We have just come to know that Facebook, the tech giant, has rolled out a new update for Instagram users in some parts across the globe. The new feature has come up with a ‘ new way to message on Instagram’  through a new pop up menu introduced inside the app.

Facebook Merges Instagram with Messenger Chats

With this new feature, there is also a notice for the user, which reads:

“A new colorful look for your chats’ in addition to the ability to react to messages with emojis and swipe to reply. “

Moreover, the company also has another and most important message along with it, which is chatting with friends who use Facebook. When the app is updated, the Instagram Logo will be changed with the Messenger logo and all the features that are mentioned before are enabled. Currently, the ability to communicate with friends who have Facebook is not working and might be under construction.

The users are facilitated with the option to either update or not the social media app if they are not interested in merging the app, however, users will, in any case, receive requests from Facebook accounts, and in this regard, their decision doesn’t matter.

Facebook’s actual goal is to completely unify the chat experience across Messenger and Instagram and eventually add Instagram to it. The company wants its entire services to be end-to-end- encrypted and recognized as a single identity under the parent name ‘Facebook’.

Right now, this merger only took place in some countries of the globe, however when it passes the testing process and is ready ultimately, it will be launched for everyone.

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