Facebook launches its gaming app to Rival Twitch and YouTube

Gaming is in these days, and with more people staying at home, the gaming apps are earning too much revenue. Well, from a long time, Facebook was also working on its own gaming app to rival Twitch and YouTube. The company is able to launch the app just at the right time when there is a pool of people ready to enjoy it. Facebook has launched its gaming app, Facebook gaming in the US currently and is working on to launch it in other countries in chunks as well.

Will Facebook Gaming App be able to Conquer Hearts?

Facebook gaming is a platform where gamers can watch their favourite streamers and can play games with each other. In short, the app has everything that is related to gaming. Right now the app s available for Android users on Google Play Store, but the iOS version is also ready and will go on the app store as soon as Apple approves it.

Here is an official announcement from the company:

Facebook is an old player in the gaming industry, but it couldn’t attract too many people as twitch did. However having an extensive user base, it is expected that this time the company will be able to convince more people to use the platform. Well, the time will tell whether Facebook will be able to defeat twitch and YouTube when it comes to gaming.

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