Facebook Launches Messenger Rooms to Keep People Connected Throughout the Globe

The rumours about Zoom’s competitor are soon going to end as Facebook has announced its own video chat services with virtual rooms named Messenger Rooms. People can use these virtual rooms to chit chat with their friends just like they used to do on video calling app Zoom. The best this about this Facebook messenger application is that users will be able to start video calling sessions with around 50 friends. Unlike Zoom, where meeting ends after 50 minutes, through this platform, people can communicate with each other for as much time as they want.

Messenger Rooms- An Ultimate Fun with your Mates

Even people who do not have Facebook accounts can enjoy this feature. Zoom is mostly used for business purposes, whereas Messenger Rooms is designed explicitly for socializing with friends and family during COVID-19 when we cannot physically meet each other.

Facebook has launched messenger rooms keeping in view the ever-growing popularity of Zoom during COVID19. Facebook video calling platform will be more cheery as it includes augmented-reality effects such as bunny ears and aliens, immersive fake backgrounds and much more.

Here’s how to use Facebook Messenger Rooms

  1. Update your Facebook Messenger app.
  2. Open the app, and on the Chats page, there will be a new “Create Room” button. Click it.
  3. Now you can set the different setting for the room, like the purpose it is created for, the privacy settings, and a time for it to start it.
  4. Once you are done with it,  go to the Invite page and choose who can attend it.
  5. This will then send an invite to everyone to join in.

Till we are at home during the lockdown and even after that, this will be the best way to connect with our loved ones and am surely going to use it as soon as I receive it. What about you people?

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