Facebook Messenger Introduces Engaging AR Experiences to Bring Virtual Halloween Fun

As we know, so many favourite fall activities that include Halloween also would not look the same this year due to COVID-19. Just because we cannot meet each other does not mean we cannot celebrate Halloween and have a scary golden time. To help everyone having more fun in lockdown, Facebook Messenger is introducing a collection of new engaging AR experiences and the latest Artwork to Bring Virtual Halloween Fun.

Messenger is bringing extra virtual fun to family and friends by releasing a Halloween theme. However, there is more to it. For the first time, Facebook is getting its own haunted house to its chatting application.

Facebook Messenger Introduces Engaging AR Experiences to Bring Virtual Halloween Fun

Moreover, all the users of Messenger can now visit Facebook’s haunted house throughout October. The majority of the themes are already available on both iOS and Android smartphones. Messenger users can now enjoy chatting in different themed haunted rooms of Dr. Madhous’s Halloween Mansion.

The creator has used animated 360-degree backgrounds and the AR effects that you can use while having video calls and in Messenger rooms. Now everyone can enjoy Halloween with their loved ones without worrying about decorating your home or finding the best Halloween costume by using Messenger.

You can be any character of your choice, whether you want to become a headless waiter or you prefer to hang out in a lab with retard scientists. Furthermore, Facebook has added the latest Halloween sticker pack for its users to enjoy chats.

Besides this, you can use AR filters to dress up like any scary character. These filters are made in collaboration with Universal Pictures. To use any of the filters, you just have to open Messenger, create a room, start a video call or take pictures using the camera, and tap each of the filters at the bottom of your display screen.

The Facebook filters, artworks, and themes will launch this month of October, so don’t forget to check them regularly.

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