Facebook & Twitter in Talks with Programmers to Get Live TV Streaming Rights

Both social media giants, Facebook and Twitter are trying to get the privileges to live stream TV shows, on the other hand programmers are not sure whether striking a streaming contract with both the companies will be good for their business or not.

Facebook & Twitter in Talks with Programmers to Get Live TV Streaming Rights

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At present Facebook is in discussion with the National Football League in order to get digital rights to stream Thursday Night Football. The company has supposedly been in talks with many other TV executives for the last couple of weeks.

Facebook’s VP of partnership, Dan Rose confirmed that the company is also in talks with negotiators from Hollywood in an attempt to get actors and music stars to its live streaming initiative.

Facebook introduced a new product named “Facebook Live” in 2015 which appeared to have same features as YouTube.

“Facebook Live enables you to share your experiences and perspectives in real time, with the people who matter to you – whether you’re someone who wants to broadcast to friends and family, or a public figure who wants to connect with fans around the world.”

Reveals Facebook.

“Live videos on Facebook are authentic and exciting, and we’re seeing people tuning in and engaging directly with broadcasters in the moment.”

On the other hand Twitter, also tried to assure TV programmers that the new live streaming offer will let TV networks, attract younger spectators with the click of a button.

Previous month, the company introduced the new @video account that permits its manipulators to film or upload their videos directly from Twitter.

“We’re previewing video stories that will be told in real time on Twitter in our first series from @video, #FFWD2016.”

Informs Twitter.

“We’ve profiled six rising Twitter creators in music, art, sports, food, and news, who are sure to be trending this year. Get their take on the fresh ideas, events, and video concepts they’ll be Tweeting as they look ahead to a big 2016.”

Though it is still unknown how the two companies will live stream the shows, as programmers are yet to witness any demo. Ever since Facebook and Twitter both have constructed their platforms to feature free content, programmers are hitherto decide exactly how content proprietors can monetize from live streaming content in the two social networks.

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