Facebook Will no Longer Depend on Top-10 List for its Trending Topics

The social media tech-giant Facebook, will no longer depend on a top-10 list of websites to help select things for its Trending Topics part, even though an inside investigation revealed no proof of political prejudice in the selection process, the company informed on Monday.

Facebook Will no Longer Depend on Top-10 List for its Trending Topics

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The world’s leading social media network revealed in a blogpost that modifications include vibrant strategies for human editors on the Trending Topics team, more training to highlight, evading ideological or political foundation, and more vigorous review techniques.

The internal inquiry was impelled by a letter from Republican Sen. John Thune formerly this month demanding that the company clarify how it picks news articles for its “trending” list.

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A former Facebook worker had blamed the company’s editors of purposely subduing conventional news. The assertions were reported by technology news website Gizmodo, which did not recognize the former contractor.

Facebook said its inquiry indicated that conservative and substantial topics were ratified as trending topics at virtually equal rates. It said it was incapable to authenticate any charges of politically enthused suppression of specific subjects or sources.

Thune called on Facebook to answer to the criticism and it was supposed to reply by May 24 to various questions.

“Any attempt by a neutral and inclusive social media platform to censor or manipulate political discussion is an abuse of trust and inconsistent with the values of an open Internet.”

Thune said.

Last week, Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg met with many conservative politicians and media personalities to deliberate disputes of trust in the social network.

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