Gmail to Scheduled Send Time and Smart Compose on More Devices

Google has announced in a post that it is going to make official its Smart Compose functionality available for all Android devices with Gmail that will also soon be available on iOS support. This feature is already available with an update on some devices and now the company has confirmed its broader release.

Gmail to Scheduled Send Time and Smart Compose on More Devices

For readers information, Smart Compose helps you in typing your emails faster by suggesting phrases with the help of that you can autocomplete your sentences. Google’s AI is supporting the feature and its suggestions are based on the context of the email as well as on your writing style. In case you are using certain phrases commonly when typing your emails, it will not take long as Smart Compose will start offering them when you type the first word or two.

Moreover, Gmail is also coming with a brand new feature that is to scheduled email sending. When it come to your Gmail, you will be able to see an arrow next to the send button via that you can choose “Schedule send” and select a date and time when you want your email to be sent.

This will be a very amazing feature as it will facilitate you in sending emails by scheduling them accordingly. You will be able to prepare emails for when you’re going to be out of the office, on a plane or on vacation. More interestingly, you can also cancel the email at any point before its departure date and time.

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