Google Launches ‘Pay With Google’ – An Online Payment System

Google Launches ‘Pay With Google‘ – An Online Payment System. Google always think about how to make your life easier than easy. This time Google gonna make you delighted by introducing the new service of online Payment. Google announced a new way of payment via your Android phone.

The  search giant’s new service “Pay with Google” make it easier for you to check out quickly from wide variety of websites. There is no need to type any credit card number if you are using Android phone or chrome browser in order to access vendors who are participating as Google will simply auto-send your billing information to the vendor.

Google Launches ‘Pay With Google’ – An Online Payment System

The technology supporting this awesome service of Google was  first announced in this May at Google’s I/O developer conference. Which is known as the Google Payment API.

Vice President of Payments at Google said:

“Our goal is to enable users to pay with their Google account across devices, platforms and interfaces.”

The main purpose of “Pay with Google” is to make checkout speedier for mobile users and increase conversation for retailers.

Google partnered with over 40 payment providers to make integrations simpler for merchants who want to offer “Pay with Google.” At the time of  launch, Pay with Google works with fifteen major apps, which includes Yelp, Eat24, Kayak, and Postmates, Airbnb, Papa John’s, and StubHub are coming soon.

The Payment providers will continue to process the transactions, which includes PayPal’s Braintree, Stripe, Vantiv, Worldpay, Adyen, and Groupe Paysafe. While others including ACI, Assist, Ebanx, First Data, Global Payments, GMO, IMSolutions, and TapPay are added soon.

The API is now available globally. currently, Google Pay works within mobile apps and Chrome but can be changed in the future.

While telling about online payment system Bhat said:

“We are starting with Chrome but plan to bring this experience to other browsers as well. Stay tuned,”

When you want to use “Pay with Google”, you will see the list of payment cards saved in Google account. You have to tap the card you want to use. Google will send the information to the merchant with your shipping address. The merchant will handle the rest of transaction.

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