Google’s Android Wear Might Become a Competition for Apple Watch

Google has introduced Android Wear at a time when Apple Watch is already in the market. The wristwatch has been an accessory of fashion for around 450 years, but technology has altered what was once only a watch into a $30 billion industry. With 38 different watches available, Apple has termed its Watch the most adapted device it has ever introduced. With the addition of technology the unpretentious wristwatch has turned out to be a valuable business tool. But still there is an opportunity for a contender, like Google Android Wear, to take a bit out of the Apple Watch market share and enterprise usability.

Google’s Android Wear Might Become a Competition for Apple Watch

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Android Wear devices provides many services that can effect the routine life of corporate users positively. Android Wear’s leading value-add for both regular customers and professional users is the facility to connect through the smartwatch itself. Because it syncs to your phone, all of your alerts and notifications get pushed directly to your wrist and that wrist vibration can keep you from missing calls in meetings.

Android Wear’s travel card will be helpful for those who travel for work as pop up will appear when a trip is planned in Google calendar. With the help of this feature Google might get it’s ticket to go onward in the smartwatch section. Samsung, LG Motorola, Asus and Sony all of them have revealed Android Wear watches, but none of them are watchmakers.

Meanwhile the Swiss make around 2% of the world’s watches, but catches more than half the global watch revenue. They produce some of the best watches in the world, and Swiss watchmakers have gathered thousands of charters. In 2012, Apple allegedly paid $21 million to the Swiss Federal Railway service to use its iconic watch-face design for the clock in iOS6.

Google has lately spent a lot of time trying to recover control over Android. There’s been an uptick in Chinese OEMs leveraging the Android Open Source Project. This has resulted in Google averting customization of some recent product released, like Android Wear.

If Google wholly open-sourced Android Wear, it would let makers to modify the OS for particular use cases, like for divers, pilots and the military. It could also comfort the integration of Android Wear into Project Ara. Project Ara is Google’s open hardware initiative for smartphones.

Google and Apple both are of the view that their product is more than merely a watch. At Google IO, they are fast to indicate that more than 4,000 apps have been made for their device. Google could bring together traditional Swiss workmanship with Silicon Valley technology into packages that provide diversity, and permit more patrons to become smartwatch possessors.

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