How to Unblock a PTA Blocked Phone?

According to the rules set by PTA, the unregistered phones that are using in Pakistan get blocked after sometime. PTA has already instructed the mobile users to register the mobile phones that are not registered with PTA in order to avoid blockage. In case, your unregistered phone get blocked by PTA according to their rules and regulations, then don’t get upset. Today, in this article, you will get to know how to unblock a PTA blocked phone?

It is important to register your phone with PTA in order to keep track of the mobile devices that are imported from a proper channel and not smuggled into Pakistan. It also helps the authorities to collect relevant taxes for the devices.

How to Unblock a PTA Blocked Phone?

Pakistan has implemented the world’s first open-source full-fledged Device Identification, Registration, and Blocking System successfully with tremendous results. It is appreciable that the counterfeit and stolen devices do not exist anymore in our networks.

Why is your phone blocked by PTA?

All the unregistered phones get blocked by PTA to improve the security situation in Pakistan. So, if you find that your phone is blocked by PTA then it must be unregistered and there must be a chance that you have sub-standard, fake, and illegally imported mobile phone.

Note: If you have purchased a new mobile phone from Pakistan, it is important to check a stamp on the box of the phone that gives the confirmation that the device is approved by PTA. Otherwise, you can face the problem if you have purchased a used mobile phone or you have carried a mobile phone with you while traveling from abroad that are not approved by PTA.

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Mobile Tax Calculator:

If have import a smartphone or bring it with yourself from abroad then you will need to pay tax for it in order to get registered with PTA. If you want to find out the approximate mobile phone taxes that you would have to pay at the Airport or at the customs office, then just Click Here to get the accurate details.

To find out the tax that you will pay against your device, you will need to choose the brand of your phone from the table that is given in the linked page and select the model of your phone. Once you follow these steps, you will get the approximate tax payable.

In case, you are not finding the brand and model number of your mobile phone in the table, then can use the calculator by putting in the Value of your Mobile Device in USD $ and Press Calculate!

You will find the various taxes for every cell phone that you will be liable to pay if you are importing a phone via Ali Express or any eCommerce website online.

Beware! The tax calculation is carried out on the current price of the device, so we suggest you to bring new phones with you from abroad rather than used devices because you will have to pay the tax according to the current device price.

Unblock Your Phone with Our Step by Step Guide!

However, if your pone get blocked by PTA then you will need to follow the steps one by one given below.  Here’s how you can easily unblock a phone:
  1. To get registered your phone with PTA, you need to open the PTA official website by following this link.
  2. There you will see a menu on the bottom right corner, select the very last option ‘Online Mobile Registration’ in order to proceed.
  3. By clicking this option, a new tab will automatically redirect you to the page where you will need to create a new account
  4. Now sign up as a new user.
  5. After that, You will have to provide your personal information that includes your name, phone number, email address, postal address, city, passport number, CNIC, and a password.
  6. Your sign-up process will be complete by filling all the your personal details in the given form.
  7. You will receive an activation link in an email via that you can get access to your account.
  8. Now, log in to your newly created account to get register your phone. Note:  You can only register one mobile phone free of cost in a year. If you wish to register any other phones, then you will need to pay tax for it.
  9. Next, you will need to provide your IMEI number, that is written on the phone box.
  10. After the submitting the form, you will get a text message on your mobile phone that will provide you the details of your PSID number and COC ID.
  11. The text message will also include the tax amount that you need to pay for your device.
  12. you will have to pay the tax in any major banking branch of Pakistan such as MCB, ABL, or NBP, etc. in order to complete the registration of your PTA blocked phone. To Learn More Click Here: Applicants to Pay Taxes For Mobile Registration Via Online Banking
  13. Once pay the required amount for tax in  the bank then you will receive a text message that will be the confirmation that your phone is now PTA approved.

The mobile identification and registration process known as DIRBS has ended illegal phone in Pakistan. With the successful implementation of the DIRBS, the issue of fake and sub-standard mobile phones via informal channels has been resolved substantially. As a result of that, the revenue of the Government has increased. Moreover, it has also encouraged the legal, commercial, and individual imports of mobile phones.

The eradication of mobile phone smuggling has encouraged the 18 new mobile manufacturing industries to install their plants. It is a proud moment that Pakistan is now producing over 11 million mobile phones, the customs official informed.

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Wrapping Up:

For your own security, it is important to use the PTA approved mobile phones. We hope that you will find this article helpful while you are finding accurate method to unblock a PTA blocked Phone. By following the above mentioned easy and simple steps, you will successfully complete the registration process. If you have any query or suggestion, you can share that with us in our comment section that you can see below.

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