PpHubbing: How Your Phone is Slowly Killing Your Relationships

PpHubbing: How Your Phone is Slowly Killing Your Relationships. Am surprised that what people used to do before the invention of mobile phones. I perceive that dinner with family would be very boring. No it wasn’t. In old times when two people used to get bored of any conversation, they change the topic and get conversations going again. Now a days when people get bored of conversations at dinner, they pick up their phones and access to social media platforms to kill their boredom.

People take out their phones and start pphubbing. Baylor University has done a research which tells that pphubbing damages romantic relationships and results to higher levels of depression.

PpHubbing: How Your Phone is Slowly Killing Your Relationships

Phubbing is when ignore someone by paying attention to your phone instead of the person you are with. PPhubbing is when you snub your partner while giving attention to your phone more.

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Professor James A. Roberts,  and his team researched that now a days couple have lower levels of relationship satisfactions and more conflicts due to pphubbing.

Roberts said in a report:

“These lower levels of relationship satisfaction, in turn, led to lower levels of life satisfaction and, ultimately, higher levels of depression,”

This study comprises on two surveys with 452 adults. The first survey asked the people to rate their partner from one to nine on how much they exhibit pphubbing behaviors. These behaviors included traits like checking their phones during conversations.

According to survey 46% of people have phubbed their partner

The second survey is about relationship satisfaction, stability and life satisfaction. Results were alarming! According to survey 46% of people have phubbed their partner. 23% think they have conflicts in relationship due to phubbing.

Assistant Professor Meredith David, explained:

People often assume that momentary distractions by their cell phones are not a big deal.

The survey concludes that if one partner in relationship use mobile during conversations, it leads to relationship discomfort and dissatisfaction. With the evolution of mobile phones, divorce rate is also increasing. Couples need to stop pphubing to maintain healthy environment and love.

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