Huawei Files Patents for Moon Photography Technology

The Chinese company Huawei has filed for a new patent with the title “a method and electronic device for moon photography” with the announcement number CN109951633B in China. Huawei with the new patent aims to capture the crystal-clear and beautiful moon photography without any professional skills.

According to the information taken from the patent, this new technology will allow the user to capture crystal clear moon in the ordinary shooting mode. This new technology will open a new page in the photography book and a new experience for the aspiring photographers.

The new photography technology is a process which will use an electronic device for moon photography. In the process the moon will be automatically detected. The moon will be focused automatically and a well-defined image of the moon will be shown in the preview screen. The process will give many frames of the image, which will give clear outlines under different exposure parameters and aggregate images. Thus a crystal clear bright backgrounds with a beautiful image of the moon will be obtained.

There is good chance for this technology to be part of the new upcoming mobiles. We may not see it in this year or the next year smartphones; but by the third year it will be in our smartphones.

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