iPhone 9 Likely To Launch By Next Week

The iPhone 9 will soon be available, and it looks as if it has the potential to be the cheap iPhone everyone is waiting for.

Also known as the iPhone SE 2, it’s said that the new iPhone combines an 8-like look with an iPhone 11 power. Apple dropped the iPhone SE back in 2018, but the iPhone 9 will have something for fans of smaller phones to get excited about.

9to5Mac got a picture from a Best Buy tipster, showing a case for a “new 4.7-inch, 2020 iPhone” that fits the definition of the rumored new Apple handset, which is likely to be called either iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2. The case will not go up for sale until April 5, which is six days later, making it possible the new iPhone will be unveiled during that time.

Of course, all that existed before the coronavirus began spreading across the world. Apple’s iPhones are being manufactured in China, and that part of the world was the first to get hit hard by the outbreak, with factories cutting production and closing down to avoid the spread of the virus. Multiple sources have increased the likelihood of an effect on iPhone 9 growth.

Nayab Khan

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