LG to Launch First Drone Phone- LG U+

LG to Launch First Drone Phone- LG U+. In this era of modernization and robots, technology is on boom. No doubt technology has brought significant changes on this planet. Yes, LG is about to launch an unbelievable but fascinating drone phone. The company has announced the new project of 2 in 1 drone phone.

There’s a lot of world to see and drone cameras are one way to explore what you want to graze at. As for drone cameras technological boom is still in the evolution phase and we don’t know how far we will go with this technological rumble.

LG to Launch First Drone Phone- LG U+

Conventional drone cameras are now a blast from the past because LG drone phone i.e; LG U+ is new talk of the town these days. This new tech drone phone will be able to glide during video calls or taking a selfie in the air. Tech geeks of LG have developed this LG U+, a drone phone device in such a way that it is able to drift at 360. Whether you are gliding, cliff jumping, para jumping or you are on a bungee; LG U+, a drone phone will be partnering you everywhere, in the air or on the ground. This device is also equipped with the attribute of self-charging and has a 5000cd high intensity flashlight. LG called this project 505 BY LGU+.

To watch LG U+ Drone Phone preview: Click Here

Prototypes of this device have been a success story but these aerial LG drone phones are yet to be launched in the market. Audience will be eagerly waiting to get hands-on the device. Lets see when LG U+ Drone phone will be launched.

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