MoIT Releases Digital Pakistan Policy 2017

Here we are with the first ever “Digital Pakistan Policy” in the country. As the IT Minister Anusha Rahman mentioned it on many occasions that soon the Ministry will come up with its complete policy document on digitization process in Pakistan that would definitely help the efforts regarding digital Pakistan. MoIT Releases Digital Pakistan Policy 2017.

MoIT Releases Digital Pakistan Policy 2017

The Digital Pakistan Policy primarily focuses on following fundamental areas:

  • IT Sector Sustainability
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Sectoral Digitzation
  • Cross-Sector Collaboration

Now Pakistan has its first-ever “Digital Pakistan Policy 2017”

MoIT says that:

“Digital Pakistan Policy will serve the foundation pillar for the formation of a holistic Digital Ecosystem in the country with  advanced concepts and components for the rapid delivery of next generation digital services, applications and content.”

Highlights of Pakistan’s IT Industry

The Digital Pakistan Policy has highlighted some main achievements of Pakistan’s IT Industry:

  • IT Exports grew 70% during past three years
  • Freelancing revenues stood at $100 million in 2016
  • Revenues from domestic market reached $500 million in 2016
  • There are over 300,000 English-speaking IT professionals in the country
  • There are 14 Software Technology Parks in Pakistan, covering an area of one million square feet
  • Pakistan’s IT exports stood at $2.4 billion in 2016

Digital Pakistan Policy Goals

Some of the main policy goals included in the policy are:
  1. Comprehensive Digital System
  2. Standardization
  3. Promote Innovation in IT Sector
  4. Increase software exports, IT remittances & Domestic Market
  5. ICT standing of Pakistan
  6. Boost the use of ICT in education
  7. Subtraction in Digital Divide
  8. Promoting E-Governance
  9. Establishment of IT Zones

Way Forward

Without a policy, no department or organization is able to work and achieve its goals. Hence, with Digital Pakistan Policy 2017, Pakistan has now a clear direction more specifically for IT sector. The policy will help to overcome the challenges while also boosting the sector for the benefit of public.

MoIT has said that it will now also develop an “Action Plan” along with the relevant ministries and departments detailing the time frame and outputs of the IT Policy.

MoIT also outlined the departments and ministers that will responsible for achieving the goals set in the policy.

MoITT said that:

“It play the role of an enabler and facilitator, providing necessary guidance where required while other federal ministries, divisions and departments will take the lead role for the implementation of policy strategy falling within their domain.”

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