New Conspiracy Theory About 5G and Surgical Masks is a Hoax

Social media is the best thing when it comes to awareness. However, this platform has also given rise to many conspiracies theories that have given birth to unrest among people. One such conspiracy theory came into existence with the Coronavirus pandemic. 5G and its relationship with coronavirus was the talk of the town in early April. An actor, Woody Harrelson, posted a report on his Instagram account that concluded that 5G towers in Wuhan, China were actually the reason behind the spread of this deadly disease.

New Conspiracy Theory is the Talk of Town These Days

No doubt, Wuhan was the first city in China, where 5G base stations were installed. According to the professor who wrote the report, as the number of 5G towers grew in the City, this contagious disease broke out. This theory resulted in violent attacks on 5G towers by the citizens of the city. While Harrelson was one person due to whom this theory reached many other people, but he also revealed that he never agreed with this theory.

All the social media platforms worked actively to remove any such kind of misinformation on their platforms, and they were quite successful until now. Just recently, we have come across another conspiracy theory related to Covid-19, which revealed that there is a piece of metal found inside the surgical masks, and they are actually 5G antennas. People think that these antennas are used to make more people sick of this virus.

In actuality, the metal piece is added to make the strip fit tighter on the nose so that there is no gap when wearer exhales. Well, the masks are not new, and these wires are not new, either. They have no connection with 5G or COVID-19. So it’s better not to forward or spread any conspiracy theories which are based on the hoax and are just jotted down to create unrest among masses.

The reason why Phoneworld has posted it is that we want to bring awareness among people regarding such conspiracies and want to request them not to believe it.

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