Nokia Phones Rank #1 Globally For Software Updates and Security

No doubt, Nokia is one of those companies who are really trying hard to serve their customers with the latest software updates. From its come back till now, Nokia has brought the latest software updates in its phones. This is also true that many other companies are bringing the updates in their phones. But now the question is that which smartphone manufacturer is leading in this race.

Nokia Phones Rank #1 Globally For Software Updates and Security

Counterpoint Research has collected data on the Android upgrade schedule of various brands. They have also keep track of how many models were upgraded to Android 9 Pie. The main focus was on the models that have been released since Q3 2018. They also track the speed of updates.

According to Counterpoint Research, Nokia is the winner. Currently, 96% of all Nokias launched since third quarter of 2018 are running Android Pie. Not only the previous year models, but the phones from 2017 are also running the Android Pie.

Nokia phones software updates

Samsung took second place with 89% and Xiaomi is on 3rd with 84% of their phones running Pie. At 82%, Huawei is at 4th place.

Now the question is which company took less time in launching the Android Pie. This time again, Nokia wins.

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