Now Google Photos Create Love Stories

Many of us don’t know about an amazing feature in Google Photos, that is the movies, Google Assistant make for you. When you just select a bunch of photos and videos, Google will make a movie for you with interesting themed options such as “They grow up so fast” and now a new “Love Story”.
The name suggests clearly that the Love Story theme allows Google Photos to create videos with you and a significant other.

 Google Photos Create Love Stories

Google had already introduced new options for Assistant-made movies which include one for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. However, The new option, looks like it would be similar to the Valentine’s Day Themed movie without the holiday branding.
According to Phonearena:
“The Assistant could still use a bit of help though. We made a few movies to try it out and the results were mixed. One video came out quite well aside from a couple blurry pics being included, but one video of a husband and wife clocked in at a mere 19 seconds, despite thousands of pictures to choose from”
Assistant card in the Google Photos app will help you in making love story movie. The card for the Love Story theme is designed to Celebrate a romantic relationship. Moreover, it will work better and will create best movie if you have a lot of pictures of yourself with your partner.

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