Play Store to Remove Apps that Ask for SMS & Call Log Permissions

Last year, the giant tech engine Google said that it is going to change its policy regarding the apps in the Play Store. According to the latest report, Google will now remove those apps that require access to SMS or Call Log in the Google Play Store.

Google has confirmed that now it will take a serious step towards removing all apps asking for SMS or Call Log permissions from the Google Play Store. The company will start this practice in the next few weeks. The company has confirmed that it will remove the apps of those developers from the Google Play Store who have not submitted a permission declaration form.

Play Store to Remove Apps that Ask for SMS & Call Log Permissions

However, if the apps of the developers disappear from PlayStore in the near future then they have two options. According to Phonearena,

“They will have to submit a new version without these permissions or submit a new version that retains these permissions but complete a special declaration form inside the Play Console. This declaration will give developers an extension until March 9 to remove the permissions or receive approval for their use case”

The reason behind this step is that Google wants to eliminate those apps asking for SMS and Call Log permissions just to maintain the privacy of the users.

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