QMobile Noir S1 Review

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QMobile Noir S1 Review

Every device been launched by QMobile does have something changed, something new in the features and in the shape, look and design. These amendments results in the acceptances within the flow of customers inside the national market. Being with a perfect shape and fully patent design, QMobile Noir S1 has 2000 mAh battery that keeps the Noir S1 sleek, slim and bony. The device is so handy and charming with its leather back cover that you feels comfort with your QMobile Noir S1 been grabbed in your soles. Having a 5″FWVGA IPS display with greater screen to body ratio, the black body color along with the black leather back cover matches the blackish interface of the blackish QMobile Noir S1 with the overall black accessories followed by the blackish box. QMobile Noir S1 Review explains all the outsides as well as the insiders in detail below.

QMobile Noir S1 Review

Some fast specifications of QMobile Noir S1:

Dimensions 142 x 72 x 8.9 mm
Memory 1 GB RAM, 8 GB ROM (expandable up to 64 GB)
Processor 1.3 GHz Quad core processor, Media Tek MT6582
Connectivity Dual SIMSIM1: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900SIM2: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900WCDMA (900 / 2100)
Camera 5 MP LED Flash Rear Camera + 5MP Selfie Camera
Display 5″ FWVGA IPS Display
Battery 2000 mAh, Li-ion technology
Features  GPS, DUAL SIM, Google Search, Maps, YouTube, Calendar, etc
Price 10,950 PKR

Pros and Cons:

  • Beautiful leather back cover.
  • Android Lollipop 5.0
  • Affordable price of 10,950 PKR
  • Supports just 2 point-multi touch.
  • Display resolution of (854 x 480) pixels and 200 dpi, which is low. May create issues and lazy performance in high end games and media.

Design and Display of QMobile Noir S1:

The design and shape of QMobile Noir S1 is attractive and sound and is a handy device. The beauty is enhanced by the leather back cover which is beautifully patterned with cracky type lines which are present in the original leather. The dimensions are also good and it is just 8.9 mm thick that makes it better and sleek. The height is 142 mm that is well fit with the screen of 5 inches. The width is 72 mm which makes it handy and normal.

Processor of QMobile Noir S1:

QMobile Noir S1 has a super fast Quad core processor that is clocked in between 598 MHz and 1.30 GHz. The manufacturer is Media Tek and the chip set is MediaTek MT6582. The total number of cores are 4 and you can play games and media with up to 4 X 1.3 GHz speed. As the processor is of MediaTek so the graphics card is expected to be Mali and it is Mali-400 MP. The size of the processor is 28nm which is nicely fitted in the sleek and stylish designed package. The built type of the processor for Noir S1 is 32-bit.

Memory for QMobile Noir S1 Review:

QMobile Noir S1 has 1GB RAM and 8 GB ROM. The size of the internal memory that can be expanded with an SD Card is enhanced this time and you can have your Noir S1 with a support of up to 64 GB microSD card. The internal 8 GB built-in memory in Noir S1 has been divided in two parts, the phone memory is 4.75 GB and the remaining is been given to the secondary memory for storing apps and saving your media.

Camera within QMobile Noir S1 Review:

QMobile Noir S1 has equality in the cameras and both the rear as well as the front camera been introduced are 5 MP. The rear camera of Noir S1 is supported with an LED flash light.

QMobile Noir S1 Review

Rear Camera of QMobile Noir S1:

Below given is the image quality been taken with the Rear camera of QMobile Noir S1. The size of the image is 1.91 MB and the dimensions are (2560 x 1920) pixels. The size of the image has been reduced for web but you can check for the quality of the image.

QMobile Noir S1 Review

Front Camera of QMobile Noir S1:

Below given is the image quality been taken with the front camera of QMobile Noir S1. The size of the image is 1.82 MB and the dimensions are (2560 x 1920) pixels. The size of the image has been reduced for web but you can check for the quality of the image.

QMobile Noir S1 Review

Network/ Connectivity of QMobile Noir S1 Review:

QMobile Noir S1 is 3G enabled. Following are the frequency bands for QMobile Noir S1 Review. Noir S1 is a dual SIM supporting device. SIM 1 can handle 3G bands as well which are WCDMA (900 / 2100).

SIM1: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900

SIM2: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900

Battery performance and Internal Storage of QMobile Noir S1:

QMobile Noir S1 has a 2000 mAh battery. The battery consists of Li-ion technology and the performance of the battery is quite good as been tested with games, media and apps. The first snapshot shows the amount of battery that remains and the approximate time left with that much capacity. The second snapshot shows the battery, its capacity, condition and health. The third snapshot shows the internal storage of QMobile Noir S1, the total space and the available space with in the internal memory of QMobile Noir S1 Review.

External Images for QMobile Noir S1 Review:

The shape and design as discussed above is attractive and looks great in the sole of hand. The leather back cover also enhances the look and shape of QMobile Noir S1. The box contains a travel charger of 1 amp, a perfect handsfree and a USB data cable that can be used for both charging and transferring data from your PC and to your PC.

In-hand images for QMobile Noir S1 Review:

Consider your self holding a QMobile Noir S1. The look will be the same as it looks in my hands. 🙂 The camera is fixed at a better place at the upper corner supported by an LED Flash. The selfie cam is at the exact center just below the ear phone.

Below mentioned are the side wise dimensions and the look that you may compare with the leather comfortable chair with its color.

Interface Experience for QMobile Noir S1 Review:

Below mentioned are the internal interfaces of QMobile Noir S1. The colors are great and looks cool and diminishing into one another that exaggerates the quality and look of the display. The interfaces for text and dialing pad are used with some enhancements and is made even simpler in the Android OS 5.0 Lollipop. Although the standards have been followed. The last snapshot shows the “About Phone” specifications and the Kernal version 3.10.

Bench Marking QMobile Noir S1:

QMobile Noir S1 makes a better total with its reliable and fast processor with 1.3 GHz Quad core speed, 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM along with a FWVGA IPS display and 5 MP Rear and 5 MP Front camera. Checking the QMobile Noir S1 with Antutu, Vellamo and GPU benchmark(for its graphics), we obtained the scores been mentioned in the snapshots below.

Antutu’s approach for QMobile Noir S1 Review:

The Antutu score for QMobile Noir S1 is over 20 thousands which is indeed a better score and proves the reliability and effectiveness of QMobile Noir S1 being a mid-range smartphone with just Rs: 10,950/=. The flaw is in the screen that has low resolutions and the next flaw is in the multi-touch and QMobile Noir S1 supports up to 2 fingers instructions at a given time.

Vellamo’s approximation for QMobile Noir S1 Review:

QMobile Noir S1 Review discloses the overall performance of QMobile Noir S1 and the scores been made by Noir S1 are given in the snapshots below. The browser performance is betterLGE Nexus 4, Motorolla DROID RAZR and Samsung Galaxy S3 which is an achievement by its 1.3 GHz Quad core processor. The metal or single core performance is very good just because of its speed which is 1.3 GHz and drags down many international devices. The intra-processor performance is not that much good and QMobile Noir S1 makes a total of 747 with vellamo which is not even better than Samsung Galaxy S3.

Comparing score of QMobile Noir S1 with Samsung Galaxy S3:

QMobile Noir S1 beats Samsung Galaxy S3 with its browser and single core but the Sasung Galaxy S3 beats QMobile Noir S1 with its multi core with a big margin.

Checking the (GPU) graphics performance of QMobile Noir S1:

QMobile Noir S1 makes a better total with its GPU and makes score above 14 thousands which is big score. The screen resolution normalized score is below 10 thousands and as I have mentioned before that the display and the resolutions are not that much better. So QMobile Noir S1 makes better score with its fast processor but the resolutions are weak so the score is also low relatively. The second snapshot been given is of Huawei P8 LITE that has been compared with our QMobile Noir S1.


Conclusion for QMobile Noir S1 Review:

QMobile Noir S1 has 1.3 GHz Quad core processor, 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM and this is a good combination. The smartphones with the specs mentioned above are always reliable and have better performance in the mid-range smartphones. A smartphone with price of Rs: 10,950 with such great specs and latest OS Lollipop is an affordable device at good price.


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